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The red hearts show your Instant compatibility with Russian ladies. Of course, it does not mean that you have an ideal compatibility with a Russian woman & she will love you like Crazy :). But it shows that you can build long-term, stable and happy relationships with these lovely Russian ladies.

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Have you noticed that so many gorgeous ladies on Russian dating sites speak only good Russian and no English?
Well, Do you want to have free translation of letters and chat?

We found the solution. On our site there's a free language translator. Each of you can write in your native language and translate the letters that you receive. It is a matter of habit & you will understand what Russia lady tells you. Good communication is the beginning of a great dating!


I saw many beautiful ladies
in your photo rating, can I put my picture for Russian ladies to vote? Can I write to a nice Russian lady from the photo rating, a Russian lady I like?

After the free sign-up you will be able to put your best photo to our photo rating and vote for sexy russian women you like. You can also rate cute russian women' photos. Clicking on russian women photos in the photo rating you can go to the profile of any lady listed in our Russian women agency.

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Do you want to see a Russian lady in real life? Do you want to show Russia lady your true personality? Is it possible to send an audio/video message to your single russian ladies?

Send an audio/video message to the Russian lady of your dreams. You can send video messages from your computer to your single russian lady friends. You can easily record yourself with an ordinary web cam and send this message over to a very beautiful Russian woman or use our free on-line chat with russian ladies!

Women online now

Анастасия 27 y.o.
Карина 29 y.o.
Anastasia 21 y.o.
Яна 25 y.o.
Kristina 26 y.o.
Lizaveta 26 y.o.
Anti-scam program

Lady Russia dating service offers its male clients the anti-scam policies helping to delete, remove & block Russian scams. If you want to meet a sincere and serious Russia lady not a Russian scammer willing to rip you off - you can rely on Lady Russia dating service as we fight Russian scams, delete their profiles and manually check all the new profiles of Russia ladies who register on our Russian ladies website searching for marriage.

It is easy for Russian scammers to change names, photos, e-mail addresses. But some things they can't change and we do protect our male clients on Lady Russia website from Russian women scams operating on-line.

Russian Dating

Every Russian lady who joins our Lady Russia dating service wants to meet a good husband for a russian girl. Russian women are beautiful and Russian ladies have lovely Russian names like Natalia, Olga, Irina, Marina, Julia, Larisa, Svetlana. Russian ladies with such Russian names are truly amazing.

Every day pretty single Russian ladies and cute Russian women come to our website to find partners from abroad. We try to make sure Russian ladies on our site are real, so that you can have a good chance to meet Russia ladies on our Russia's matchmaking service.

Every day Russia ladies find future husbands at lady of Russia profile database of russia dating service. Western men and pretty Russia ladies exchange E-mails, skype contacts, or send Video messages to each other. That's why we receive letters of gratitude from our clients who have found their Russian brides through our dating agency "Lady Russia"

Compatibility Report


Western men do want to have a chance to meet beautiful Russian women for love & marriage & at the same time not to waste their precious time while searching for serious Russian women willing to marry foreigners from USA, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. We have created the best solution for single Russian women and Western men as we now offer in-depth compatibility reports to help you learn more information about your possible Russian life partner. Check if you are compatible with any single Russian woman on our site and enjoy communication with pretty Russian women. Personalities of Russian women are absolutely unique and we shall help you to find that special Russian lady who can make you a Very Happy man.

Check our in-depth detailed compatibility reports and be the Master of Your Destiny.

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Margarita 24 y.o.
Natalya 27 y.o.
Дарья 18 y.o.
Aliona 26 y.o.
Ala 22 y.o.
Евгения 19 y.o.
Top rated women in bikini photos

The types of Russian women that can be met on Russian ladies dating sites (and in real life :) )

1st type
"The pure ingenuousness"
These Russian ladies usually put unprofessional photos of low quality in their questionnaires. You can hardly scrutinize their faces on such photos, but you can observe their life and surroundings, which they represent with humour. They miss the biggest part of the formal columns, but in the "long answers" they write something funny and deeply personal. Such girls look for close and warm relationships. They are sensual, natural and they don't demand much of a man. To the positive aspects of marriage with such a girl one can refer warm attachment to her beloved man. She doesn't aim to demonstrate her advantages and influence, and she is able to admire sincerely. Near such a girl a man feels as a real man. To the negative aspects we can refer their high need to communicate. They don't exhaust themselves usually with learning deeply foreign languages and when they are abroad, they miss contacts with people. Because of that they can be depressed, capricious and they can make pretensions.
2nd type
"Effect and ambitions"
The photos of Rus girls remind of the covers of the fashion magazines. They don't spare their time and money for the stylists and photographers, they aim to show their success making photos in expensive clothes or near the prestigious cars. They describe all their merits in the questionnaires and demand much. Russian girls have reached something in their life that is why they want to have near an active and successful man as their partner.To the positive aspects of marriage with Russia girl we can refer their exterior effect and ability to represent themselves in a favorable light. With Russia girl it is not a shame to appear in a company. Moreover Rus girls are very active. They are capable to be not only mothers and wives, but also precious allies in your lives. To the negative aspects we should refer their ambitions and careerism. They won't stay at home, but they will try to find their activity sphere and to show you their importance and influence.You should be very careful with Russian women.
3rd type
"Stability and reliability"
The photos of Rus girls remind of the photos for the documents. Even if a professional has worked with them, they look anyway constrained. In the questionnaires they fill in conscientiously all the columns, and in the "long answers" they place trite expressions. Russia ladies look for stable and safe relationships. Their demands, as a rule, are not very high. But, wanting to get re-insured, they are very cautious and slow choosing their second half. The positive aspects of rus girls we can refer their stability and rationality. They are thrifty, good mothers and faithful wives. They are capable to survive squabbling and they won't abandon you, if you have to endure unfavorable period in your affairs. To the negative aspects we should refer their low flexibility and weak capability to adaptation. Russian vomen attached to their parents and friends, usual life and work. To decide to move and to adapt themselves to the new conditions,Russian ladies need a lot of time and effort.
4th type
"Artistry and creation"
Such girls like to make photos against a background with flowers or landscapes. They look very extraordinarily and try to be distinguished and to attract somebody's attention. Their photos are often worked up with the help of computer graphic. They ignore the biggest part of the formal questions, and in the "long answers" they write some romantic or philosophical phrase. Such girls look for attention and admiration. They approach any question in a creative and non-typical way, including family and their personal image building. To the positive qualities of such girls we can refer flexibility of mind and high capability to adapt to the new life conditions. Moreover they aim to get an approval and appreciation and that is why they think constantly about how to make to be surprised and admired their husband. To the negative aspects we can refer that very constant need for attention and appreciation. Russian vomen express beauty, flirting and coquetting to men seeking beautiful Russia ladys.

Gorgeous Russian Women - Dating Russian Women

Полина 26 y.o.
Татьяна 26 y.o.
Катя 26 y.o.
Margarita 24 y.o.
Ирина 29 y.o.
Тетяна 24 y.o.
Something about dating with Russian ladies

Dating Russian Ladies and Russian Girls

This Russian dating and Russian matchmaking site is an on-line Russian dating website where you can browse profiles of pretty Ukrainian women, Russian Ladies, Belarus girls. An international matchmaking and dating service to find single Russian women from the FSU. Russian women on our matchmaking site are beautiful, marriage-minded, and these Russian women are truly seeking happy marriage with foreigners. Women on our Matchmaking site are real and willing to find their life-partners abroad. Join 'Lady Russia' Free to meet real Russian women.

1. Our on-line dating and matchmaking service can change your life and introduce you to thousands of Ukrainian women and Russian girls searching for good husbands..

About 5 percent of Russian women joining our site, delete profiles in 5-10 days, they get disappointed in Russian Internet dating or they quickly found life-partner on the site and want to continue communication only with him. Other Russian lady dating sites just sell Russian women e-mails and that's all.

About 5 percent of Russia women are "interested in Russian dating " a lot and they come to check their mail once a month. On the sites with Russian mail order brides it is impossible to differ them from Russian girls who are really interested and come to check their mail more regularly.

The most serious problem on every Russian lady sites is Russian scams. If the first Russian girl's letter seems scamming then We check the girl's address and Passports the same day and if we see that a Russian lady is really a scammer we put her to our Russian scam list and men can see it as we block Russian scams. It is easy and quick to Scam-check. But some men seem not to understand it and write to Russian Scams even more actively. Thus we check every Russia girl or Ukraine lady on Lady Russia website whether she is a Russian scammer or not.

About 6 percent of Russian women on our Russian on-line dating site change their personal e-mails every month and after that they get notification about incoming mail in their inbox on the site to the new email, but how can it be done on the other Russian Dating sites selling Russian lady emails. As you can see it is really difficult to update database of Russian girls on any site. E-mail messages to Russian ladies can be undelivered, the girls do not reply to letters or reply in a month when a man has forgotten about them. But We work for You and regularly update our Russian lady databases!

2. You can look into the eyes of the future Russian or Ukrainian Bride and make your future as you like it. Our Russian Matchmaking help to meet Russia ladies.

A lot of work is done to check Russia girls, to check all the complains. Nobody wants to be on the site with more Russian scammers than normal Russian girls.

We get rid of Russian scams or Ukraine scams every day, a lot of work is done with men (Nigeria spam) who try to scam Russian ladies. We do not tolerate Russian scams!

Our Russian dating site can help you to find a Russian lady. It is important to have a good choice of Western men and Russian women to find a good partner!

Several programmers work all the time to bring new functionality and features to the site.

Several servers work in different parts of the world to make "Lady Russia" quick to download for people from all countries.

The work of designers, psychologists, managers, system administrators, support managers - everything is for you to find a Russian lady friend.

On our site you can register for a period of absolutely FREE membership during which you can communicate with women from Russian Federation.

How to find Russian ladies

Step 1 Join up Free and please put several good photos to date Russia ladies
Step 2 Be active- show yourself as a confident and energetic man as you certainly are. Write letters to Russian women. It will allow you to see who you are comfortable with, who will be interested in you.
Step 3 Communicate with Pretty Russian Women you like. See if they answer your questions, if you are comfortable with them. You won't know what to say with some of them, but you will instantly find some topics with others.
Step 4 Do not make this E-mail communication long. Russian ladies mostly do not like it. They are afraid that it will lead to no result but they are seriously minded and want good result. Ask for a telephone number and phone to her.
Step 5 If she has children ask her about them. Tell her about your children. Ask important points about family relationship, about children upbringing
Step 6 If you really like her after telephone calls and letters, if you wait for the time to phone - do not waste time, do not make the time destroy something that began to grow between you- Come to Russia and meet her personally. Live in the hotel , not in her place, if you fall in love with each other, she will make you acquainted with her parents, children.
Step 7 Thank Russian Girls Dating and make final arrangements to marry her.

This site offers Russian Brides for Dating, Russian Single Women to Date foreign Men. Russian Dating with Russian Ladies.

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